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       We suggest that you browse the Collections Brochures first for the better picture of models and designs.           Where there are individual brochures we have listed them below for you to download.   For further                   assistance please do give us a call on 01752 547435


Garofoli Collections Brochure Gidea Collections Brochure
Inspirational - Mirabilia (Neo Classic) Inspirational - Avio (Contemporary / Neo Classic)
Inspirational - Miraquadra (Contemporary/Neo Classic) Inspirational- No Limits (Contemporary)
Aspirational - Milia, Patio, Spenia (Contemporary/Neo Classic) Inspirational - Xonda (Contemporary/Neo Classic)
Aspirational - Poema, G-Designer (Modern) Aspirational - Filomuro (Frameless)
Aspirational - Sublimia (Classic) Aspirational - 1000 Colours (Contemporary)
Aspirational - Io (Modern) Matching Miria Cupboards & Wall Cladding
Aspirational - Pangea (Modern)  
Aspirational  - Dore (Classic)  
Indulgence - Classica , 110e Lode, Sublima (Classic) Indulgence - G-LIKE (Contemporary)
Indulgence - Mirawood (Contemporary/Classic)  
Indulgence - G-Designer (Contemporary)  
Indulgence - Bi-System (Contemporary Interiors) Door Handles
Indulgence - Filomuro (Frameless) Filomuro Skirting (Shadow Gap) General Glass Brochure and Glass for your Emotions !
Parquet Flooring and Skirting to match your doors New Generation Flooring