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Standard Features


  • magnetic lock with key, with either glossy brass, glossy chrome or satin chrome finish - standard basic is with satin chrome finish
  • adjustable concealed hinges, standard matching lacquered white, ivory or dove grey, satin chrome on matt and glossy RAL finishes
  • flat smooth trims size 88 mm
  • square frame with same finish as the door leaf
  • colour co-ordinated soft rubber door stop seals

Hinged Doors


    1B                     2B                  3B                  4B                 1B1V               1V                 2V                3V                 4V


IVE 2001           1TV             IVE 1V2015        1L                    1L1R             1L2R             1L3R               1L4R          1L8R

                                                                                        R represents lacquered routed out groove 

                                                                                        Matching Fire Door Options 1L1R, 1L2R, 1L3R, 1L4R, 1L8R


   1F                    2F                   3F                  5F                    8F                   MIDO           TINIA        

F represents horizontal aluminium strip insertion - Finishes Satin Chrome, Glossy Chrome, Glossy Brass

Matching Fire Door Options - 1L,, 1F, 2F, 3F, 5F, 8F

Available as Sliding Doors -

Face Hung Sliding

Pocket Sliding Kits

Folding Doors

Dimension Information

Standard Dimensions Widths 600/650/700/750/800/900 x Heights 1950/2000/2050 /2100 mm 

All other dimensions to a maximum Width 1000 x Height 2500 mm or Width 1100 x Height 2300 mm


Smooth Matt and High Gloss Garofoli Standard Lacquers


White                      Ivory                     Dove Grey

Garofoli Standard RAL Matt and High Gloss Lacquers

7047, 9018, 7035, 7036, 7039, 8025, 1019, 1013, 9010

Any RAL Matt and High Gloss Lacquers