Pre-Hung Door Sets

Pre-Hung Door Sets

FAQs – Garofoli and Gidea Doors

Why two names for Garofoli Doors?

 Garofoli is the original company established in 1968 and produces mainly wooden products and door sets.
Gidea is the 2nd generation of Garofoli  Spa and produce the laminate, aluminium and stainless steel  products including door sets  and accessories. 

What is a Garofoli door set?

A Garofoli/Gidea door set is delivered complete with the door pre-hung in the frame complete with locks/latches, door seals and architraves. The exception to this is the AVIO door set that is delivered as a flat pack and requires assembling.  All components supplied as per a pre-hung door set.
Garofoli door sets include the following options – pivot hinge, concealed hinge, pin hinge, pivot, sliding, bi-folding, folding, pivot sliding and frameless.

How do I find the style of door I require?

Look at the Moore and Moore website and select the brochure for your chosen style, call Moore and Moore Ltd to discuss or use our on-line chat facility or call 01752 547435 to speak with an advisor.

What is the difference between a Garofoli door-set and an English flush door?

Cutting edge Italian design
Creates distinctive designer  interior
Pre-hung in factory – delivered ready to install
Can be full height to ceiling (3m maximum height – 2.4m if a fire door)
Suitable for commercial and domestic use

Read the 'What are the Benefits of Using Door Sets' Information Sheet on this link

How do I fit the door?  

The door set is installed after plastering and painting of walls with the frame standing either on the sub-floor if you plan to have carpets or on the finished hard flooring avoiding that ugly cutting around of the frame,

Door set manufactured to given wall thickness - frame extensions available for wall thicknesses 170mm to 440mm.

Door and frame simply fitted into wall with low expansive adhesive – fire doors require mechanical fixings and fire foam adhesive
Fit door handles and escutcheons
Adjust door if necessary on hinge adjusters

How do I fit locks and door handles?     

No need - all doors come complete with factory fitted lock or lock latch included in the price.

Door handles.   

Door handles are not included in the price – you can either supply your own or we can supply handles of your choice with the doors.  

What standard door sizes are available?

The optimum standard panel dimensions for quickest delivery and best prices are : 

Panel Width 600/700/800/900 x Panel Height 2100 followed by 2000 which will usually fit into the traditional British Standard Height Openings.   For example a 800 mm wide door will need a structural opening of 900 mm and a 2100 high door will need the structural opening to be 2150 mm from finished floor to under lintol.   

The standard wall thickness is 120 mm but walls from 70 mm to 440 mm can be accommodated by the use of frame extensions.

Please see below for each factory standard dimension information.


Widths - 600, 650, 800, 900 and 1000 (standard sizes)                                              

Heights -1950, 2000, 2050 and 2100 (standard sizes) - other door heights available up to 2700 (3000 on certain doors)    Maximum height of fire doors 2400                                                                                        


Widths - 600, 650, 800, 900 and 1000 (standard sizes)                                              Heights - 2000, and 2100 (standard sizes) – (1950/2050 + 15%)                                                                                                

other door heights up to 2700 (3000 on certain doors)

Maximum height of fire doors 2400

What is full height door?

A full height door is normally the full height of the room measured finished floor to ceiling

What door finishes are available?

Doors are available in the following finishes:

Solid wood
Lacquer including high gloss
Shiny – including Gold and Silver finish
Unfinished only available for Filomuro doors

What are the doors made from?

Doors are manufactured from a large number of different materials.  Garofoli have a highly experienced technical department who engineer and test each door design and model to ensure all doors are manufactured by Garofoli.

Can I paint the door?    

All doors are pre-finished in the factory and do not require painting.  Only unfinished Filomuro (Frameless) doors require finishing

Do you supply Fire Doors?          

Yes – doors can only be supplied  as single leaf and certain double leaf doors to EN 1634-.  Fire doors can be supplied as 30, 60 and 120 minute fire doors
Maximum over the frame  size 2435 x 1065

Do you supply Acoustic doors?

Yes – can be supplied as either acoustic doors or fire and acoustic doors

Do they meet the UK Building Regulations

Yes – where specified as fire doors Garofoli  fire doors are:

Tested in their frames to EN Standards. 
Fire doors are FULLY TESTED not ASSESSED
All doors are CE marked

Do doors come with a guarantee?

Yes –  3 years

What are the delivery costs?

Our quoted prices include delivery
For larger orders of more than 16 doors, prices will be revised in line with bulk delivery cost.

What is the lead time?

Allow 8 weeks + 1 week for delivery from receipt of signed order and deposit, however certain doors, flooring,  wardrobes and panelling 3 to 5 weeks.  Call to obtain an up to date delivery estimate.   There are some 'Quick Delivery Ranges' on standard dimensions of 600/700/800/900 x 2100 panel dimensions

Can I order on-line?

No – Please contact us - we want to ensure that you order the correct door specification for your application and so will check your order with you before putting the order into production.

What information do you require to provide a quotation?

Completed enquiry form with structural openings and wall thicknesses
Floor plan if possible with floor finishes

Do you offer a fitting service?

Yes – please contact us to discuss your project.

Do you offer a site survey?

Yes – we charge for a survey – the dimensions and order become our responsibility for your peace of mind.

Do you offer a bulk discount?

Yes – for larger and commercial orders we are able to offer ex-factory prices for orders in excess of 24, 50 and more than 100 doors.

What if I have further questions?            

Do not hesitate to contact us by telephone 01752 547435 or e:mail us  with your questions.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.