Space Saving /Disabled Access Door

Pivot Sliding Door

Pivot Sliding Door

Garofoli Pivot Sliding Door

The Pivot Sliding Door is an additional option for you to specify when ordering doors.  The ideal space saving solution is also suitable for tight spaces such as downstairs cloakrooms, ensuites, dressing rooms.  The Pivot Sliding Doors is fully Part M compliant for disabled access.   More importantly when accessing doors from wheel chairs the door is easy to use as it opens in both directions with the mechanism folding and sliding either away or towards the user - the perfect solution for straight forward (excuse the pun) easy access either inwards or outwards.

Unfortunately the mechanism isn't available separately and is factory fitted to both the door panel and the frame.

Features :

The Pivot Sliding Mechanism can be fitted to most Garofoli Group Doors. It provides easy access for wheel chair users with a recommended minimum passage dimension of 850 mm

Costs :  Equivalent or less than using a door pocket door solution. The door is supplied pre-hung in it's frame with only the handle to add. Usual installation time into a prepared opening 2 hours - a quick, clean and fuss free solution.   Budgeted cost (dependant on chosen door panel) for door set and mechanism from £650 supply only.

Quick Delivery on the following models for standard dimensions of panel Width 600 /700/ 800 x 900 x  Height 2100 mm please allow 14 days from date of order, all other dimensions and models 6 - 8 week delivery.  Options of Supply or Supply and Fit

 Quick Delivery Models are :                        Avio

‚Äč                                                                          Xonda



The ultimate space saving solution with the option of different finishes on each side of the panel for instance between the bedroom and ensuites, consider a mirrored finish that doesn't steam up on one side with the opposite side in the matching finish of the doors and wardrobes - the ultimate design solution for life style homes or a space saving solution for hotel bedroom to ensuites situations.   Download the Garofoli BiSystem Brochure from the Brochure Request Section.

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