Fire Door 30 minutes

Fire Door Sets  -  A Winning Combination of Design and Peace of Mind


Fire doors are designed to provide an engineered solution to save lives and property in the event of fire.   Fire doors in the first instance provide protection to save lives.  Secondly fire doors provide  protection to the building. Passive fire protection within a building forms part of the overall fire protection system for a building.  The system will include Active systems such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers and fire suppression/sprinkler systems.  Garofoli fire doors uniquely have heat activated pins within the door that fix the doors into the frame at high temperatures to provide added stability to the door set as part of the active fire system.  


When considering fire doors it is important to understand the difference between BS (British Standard) fire doors tested under the British Standard and Fire door sets tested under the EN Standard.  Doors tested under the British Standard test the component parts of a fire door NOT the door set.  The satisfactory performance of the assembled fire door is reliant upon all the individually sourced and fitted components being accurately assembled and fitted together.  In the event of failure of the fire door installation responsibility for the failure will fall either on the specifier, the installer and manufacturer or all parties following investigation.


The Building Regulations refer to E30 or E30 Sa etc.  This refers to a door tested using the European test methods (EN1634 Part 1 or EN 1634 Part 3) rather than the British Standards.


Garofoli EN tested fire doors are assembled under factory controlled conditions and are tested complete, within the frame with all the specified fitted hardware including hinges, locks and intumescent seals.  The advantage of using EN tested fire door sets is clear.  Providing the correct door was specified for the location then the responsibility for sourcing individual components and assembly is eliminated with all components assembled under strict quality controlled factory conditions providing peace of mind and liability for components eliminated


Garofoli REI fire doors are manufactured under stringent quality controlled conditions and fully tested by an Accredited independent third party test organisation.  A metal plaque is fitted into the rebate of every Garofoli Fire Door Set to enable immediate identification and traceability of the door.


Regulation 38 of Approved Document B applies in England and Wales and states that fire safety information must be handed to the ‘responsible person’ at the completion of a project, or when the building or extension is first occupied. It places the responsibility of fire safety onto the ‘responsible person’. In order for the responsible person to carry out future inspections and maintenance of fire doors, it is important that the correct information such as installation and maintenance instructions and traceability to the Fire Certificate is handed to them.