Face Hung Sliding Door

Face Hung Sliding Doors

Antha Satinate Glass & Aluminium Profile & Matching Pelmet

The following Face Hung Sliding Door solutions provide an endless range of design options, whether the need is to provide a busy passage area with the ability to close off areas from each other or to create a dressing room without using up valuable floor space.  The panels can be solid to match the rest of the interior doors or consider the glass options to allow the light through.  The possibilities of transparent glass, satinate glass for privacy through to the designer glasses in mirrored, reflective or combination finishes of wood on one side and glass the other will fulfil even the most demanding designer brief and not forgetting the range of door handles included recessed options for sheer elegance.

Features :

External Sliding System with matching Pelmet for Installation into Masonry and Plasterboard


                                        B1 Track, Pelmet,         B2 Track, Frame,         B3 Track, 2 Panels      B4 Track, 2 Panels

                                       Panel                            Panel & Pelmet           & Pelmet                      Frame & Pelmet



Costs : Single Track and Pelmet from £104 plus door panel.  For Panels refer to the relevant model.

 Standard Dimensions for a single panel are Minimum 500 - 1200 mm 

Single Doors 600/700/800/900/1000/1100/1200 x 2000/2100 mm with non standard dimensions and maximum height options of up to 2700 mm.

Double Doors 1200/1400/1600/1800/2000/2200/2400/x 2000/2100/ with non standard dimensions and maximum height options of up to  2700 mm.

For all other structural opening dimensions please request a quote.

Call us now to request more information on the complete range of glasses and handles Tel 01752 547435



                                 B21 Track & Panel                                    B22 Track, Frame, Architraves & Panel


                           B23 Track & 2 Panels                              B24  Track, Frame, Architraves & 2 Panels




                                  B25 Track & Panel Only                 B26 Track & 2 Panels Only


Download the Garofoli Glass Brochure for Glass Designs from the Brochure Download  area on the Home Page.  All of the ranges have a wide range of glazed door panel options which you can view in the relevant brochure.