G-Like Door Sets for Architectural Interest

Gidea G-LIKE

View the G-LIKE Range - Mix the Glass with the Wood, With or Without the Trims

The G-LIKE range offers the most exciting addition of minimalist slim profiled doors with three options for architraves, none, 35 mm and 80 mm in a range of stylish finishes.

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Standard Features

Hinged Doors

Panel Designs  VARIA   ( See below for Glass Options)

                        F represents horizontal 4 mm high strips - Glossy or        1L                   1L1F                 1L2F                1L3F                  1L5F            Satin Chrome, Glossy Brass or Stainless Steel                                                                  

Frame Options for Non Glass Doors



Grain Querica Finishes


White Oak           Pickled Oak       Blonde Oak          Chalk Oak       Grey Oak         Bleached Oak  Dark Leather Oak  

Gidea Laminate Finishes


Wenge                 Canaletto Walnut  Bleached Oak       Ice Elm                   Grey Elm              Sand Elm


White Ash            Ivory Ash             Dove Grey Ash

Garofoli Oak Finishes (Gabilia)


  Clay Oak              Stone Oak           Earth Oak              Silk Oak                  Ice Oak               Wenge Oak

                     By Request, Matt & Glossy RAL Lacquers

Dark Leather         Open Pore              Open Pore          Open Pore        

   Oak                     Lacq Bianco           Lacq Ivory        Lacq Dove Grey

G-Like Glass Door Design



BLADE - Versatility Add Glass, Marble Effect Glass, Ceramics or any of the finishes of the solid panels

                   MINIA & BLADE Glass In Ceiling Sliding Doors

Download the Glass Brochure


Frame Options for MINIA 1TV


Dimension Information  

Hinged 1L, 1L1F, 1L2F, 1L3F, 1L5F

Standard Dimensions Width 600/650/700/750/800/900 x Height 2000/2100 mm 

Feasible Dimensions Width from 500 - 1100 x up to 2400 mm or Width 500 - 1000 x Height 2410-2600 mm

Sliding 1L, 1L1F, 1L2F, 1L3F, 1L5F      

Feasible dimensions from 350 -1200 x maximum height of 2600 mm and for Sliding with Telescopic Track Width 550 - 1050 x maximum height of 2500 mm

Hinged MINIA 1TV

Standard Panel Dimensions Width 600/650/700/750/800/900 x Height 2000/2100 mm 

Feasible Panel Dimensions Width from 350  - 1000 x up to 2600 mm 

Sliding MINIA 1TV

Feasible Panel Dimensions Width from 350  - 1500 x up to 2900 mm (patterned glass maximum width 1400 mm)