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 Each to their own door
The opening mode is a very important aspect when it comes to choosing a
door.  The right combination of style and practical use can allow you to
make the most of all available space in the home or office. 

Hinged door, model 1V2001, with Madras glass, Silk Oak finish. Silk Oak Garofoli

Parquet Floor and Hinged Door, Model LT2015, Silk Oak finish.  Brochure



Hinged (Concealed) Gabilia 7PAL Bicolour - Wenge Oak finish


The traditional door, which is fixed to the opening on one side using

hinges (which can be concealed or visible), and which turns to open. This

door,with its easy, practical opening action, is usually cheaper than doors

of other types. 


A boxed subframe allows the door to slide into the wall. It actually replaces

the wall. The interior sliding door guarantees the maximum results in

terms of space saving.

Hinged and Space Saving Pocket Options - Miraquadra 1L and 4R Smooth Bianco

Lacquer Finish



BiSystem Sliding Doors, Transparent Fume Glass, Stainless Steel Profile and Playa

Recessed Block Handle



Telescopic tracks or slide guides allow the door to slide parallel to the wall or,

 – as in this solution – to a glass panel, overlapping it. It does not require any masonry

for installation, and is also very decorative.




The door turns on itself and swings fully open thanks to a pin. Sliding towards the side

of the opening, it reduces overall size greatly compared to a hinged door: this in fact

means a gain of 50% space.


Pivot Rotating Sliding Space Saving Door available on most ranges of Garofoli Door



Gidea Stilia 4 F Model with Rototraslante Option


Miraquadra 1B - Smooth White Lacquer Finish as a Folding Space Saving Door



The panel is cut into two moving sections that slide and pack together on one side.

The sections can be symmetrical (as shown in this image) or asymmetrical

(as in our Mix door). This type of door is perfect for those seeking a more compact





Thanks to our patent, the Biverso door can be opened by pushing or pulling. You can

decide how and where to fit it at the very last minute, with left or right opening, on any

side of the wall, or inside the wall compartment. Since it is flush with the wall, it also

guarantees complete integration into the wall and can also blend in seamlessly in the

paintable version.


Biverso Minimalist Door on Pivot Hinges with Aluminium Frame with Double Seal

that opens both Push and Pull



The door is secured to a bracket allowing it to rotate around a pin. This is the model to

choose when a flush to wall finish is needed on both sides.


Filomuro Pivot Hinged Door for creating Secret Rooms !



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September News - 2016

Storage Ideas in time for Christmas, a display with a sliding door on concealed track.  For other ideas download the Furnished Wall Price List  

Coming soon..... click on the link to book your free tickets

Build Italian Style and Functionality into your Project 

See the New Ideas Video





Find out how Door Sets can SAVE you TIME and MONEY

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 Garofoli  - Stand 134

Style Design -  Frameless Door Sets integtrated into matching wall panelling - with options of Miria Storage / Cupboard Door Sets.

Designer Door Sets of interest to designers working on contemporary design projects.  The display features Filomuro (frameless door) in Rovere Pietra, Bi-System door with matching wall panelling, flush Miria (wardrobe door), lacquered  BiSystem Door and Garofoli Oak Flooring.   The BiSystem  allows for a combination of materials within one door for example glass and wood each side or different wood and lacquer finishes

Finishes Stand 134 


Grain Door - Finish Grey Oak, Concealed Hinges, Magnetic Latch. Quick Delivery, Pre-hung Door Set Complete - Request Price List / Quick Quote

Grain Brochure Download


Avio Door - Finish - Ice and Grey Elm including Glass Version, Pivot Hinge, Magnetic Latch, Flat Pack Reversible Door Set Complete, Quick Delivery - Request Price List / Quote

Avio Brochure Download


Colombo Design Ironmongery - Request Price List / Quick Quote

Colombo Design Download Brochure

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10 Day Delivery Sliding Door Pocket Kits - All dimensions up to 2700 mm high available on site in 10 days !   Call with your dimensions for a quotation

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Garofoli Launch New Model - Mirawood to compliment Miraquadra Lacquered Range


Introducing DiBi Group for Security Entrance Doors including fire rated options and laminated ceramic finishes.

For more information visit the DiBi website at

The Website is currently being updated - hopefully the main pages will have been updated within the next week.   If you need any help please do give us a call for guidance

Call us to arrange a meeting at the Design Club, Chelsea Harbour where we will be pleased to discuss your projects and explore how Garofoli Doors and Interior Finishings can put your quality stamp on  projects.

Garofoli  are Italy's Leading Door Manufacturer

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